Daily Archives: May 2, 2011

A Catholic Response to the Death of a Murderer

Here is a great article on a “proper” response from Catholic’s to the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  I know when I was watching the news last night with my wife and oldest son, I was embarrassed at the reactions from the crowds in front of the White House.  Violence and death is never to be cheered; it is always a loss for humanity.

Also the Vatican spokesman made a great statement as well.  He stated:

“Osama bin Laden, as we all know, bore the most serious responsibility for spreading divisions and hatred among populations, causing the deaths of innumerable people, and manipulating religions to this end,” Father Lombardi said.

“In the face of a man’s death, a Christian never rejoices, but reflects on the serious responsibilities of each person before God and before men, and hopes and works so that every event may be the occasion for the further growth of peace and not of hatred,” the spokesman said.