Everyone please check go this site and watch this video.  It is awesome finally to hear a voice that speaks truth in the hallowed halls of Congress.  Also, check out the blog while you are there as well.  There is a lot of good information and the author of the blog is a pro-life warrior.


  1. Mmary magdalin relics last night in berkeley it wasa moving experience .

  2. Good Evening, I am waiting to hear an echo. Is this still the worlds lonliest BLOG or is anyone there?
    I got Steve’s email about the time I was parking at Mary Magdelines in berkeley. There was an exposition of a class 1 relic of Mary Magdeline. It was at St Alberts on Valentines Day so all the brothers hade a date< HA HA.. The picture on her card is very beautiful.

    All kidding aside I spent My Time from 3:30 until 5 Pm with Private Stations of the cross Joyful and Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary. Vespers were ar % and Mass at %:30 It was well attended Sisters of Charity other Domonicans fro St Alberts . Also Jane Magman was there (She is the one who told me about the event.
    The votive mass for Mary Magdeline was Said . The sermon was very inspiring.. I don't Know the Priests Name tall White Haired from St Alberts. He drew an Interesting Parallel Between Mary Magdeline istaking Christ for the Gardner.,. Was it really such a large mistake. God in the Garden of Eden.. Christ in the New covenant conquering death.
    To me it wes very inspiring.."A garden , perhaps the highest ,most difficult art form; is best concieved as a series of planned relationships;human to humanhuman to structure. Myriads of pleasant relationships; Harmonious change. '
    LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE by John Ormsbee Simmons..
    It made me kind of want to tend to the garden of my own life with Dhrist the Master Gardener as my guide.

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