40 Days for Life September 23-November 1

Good afternoon my brothers and sisters in Christ, we’re closing in on 3 weeks prior to another 40 days for life prayer vigil. 40 Day’s for Life is a peaceful, prayerful witness to the sanctity of human life. As faithful servants to our Lord Jesus Christ, we must make a public protest against the encroaching culture of death that so thoroughly corrupts our society. Please join me in offering one hour per week in a prayful witness at the Planned Parenthood abortion mill at 990 Broadway in Vallejo. The vigil will go 24 hours for 40 days beginning September 23rd and ending on November 1st. I am actually responsible for filling the hours on Tuesday’s throughout the vigil. If you can choose an hour on Tuesday’s that would be most helpful, but of coarse any day that best suits your schedule is fine. I will be calling all of you in the next week to see if you can help. Please prayfully consider this opportunity to truly live out Christ’s call for us to be light to the World and salt to the Earth. God bless you and thank you for considering making a sacrifice for the pro-life movement in our community.


Tony Hensley

One response to “40 Days for Life September 23-November 1

  1. Pray the rosary

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