Notre Dame, Obama, and Abortion

Notre Dame, Obama, and Abortion:  three words I would have never expected to be used in the same sentence, yet the past month, numerous articles, blogs, and news reports have uttered those three words together.  How it came to be that so many people used those three words together is the question of the day:  Why did University of Notre Dame, the most preeminent Catholic university in the United States, invite the most pro-abortion President of the United States we have ever had, to not only speak at the graduation ceremony, but also to receive an honorary law degree?

The President of the University, Rev. Jenkins, has given his “reasons” for the invitation, all of which on its face, sound well and dandy, with the exception that, Mr. Obama, as President of the United States, has the unique position to demonstrably and effectively make decisions on the life and or death, of millions of unborn children throughout the world.  As an example, in just two quick movements of his pen, within weeks of taking office, President Obama “overturned” the Mexico City policy, which now will allow U.S. taxpayer money to go to countries to be used to specifically abort/murder children.  President Obama next changed the policy on Embryonic Stem Cell research:  now hundreds of thousands frozen embryos can be used and killed in the name of science, a science that has achieved no actual results yet, even though billions of dollars has been given to this research over the last ten years.

So President Obama, in just his short time in office, has changed the fortunes of millions due to his view that abortion is not murder, and that life begins, well….he doesn’t know when life actually begins, but it is okay to kill unused and unwanted life in the name of science.  That is Mr. Obama’s view, and I may add, the view of many Americans.

But getting back to Notre Dame, why, in light of these views, could Notre Dame invite this kind of President of the United States to speak and give an hononary degree to?  The only legitimate and honest answer is that  by extending this invitiation, Rev. Jenkins failed his University, his students, his country, and most importantly, his faith.  

President Obama, in his speech at Notre Dame, said that the pro-life and pro-abort/death/murder camps can reach common ground on these issues.  Really?  What common ground can there be when the other side believes that persons who are walking and talking on this earth, are “superior” to those who are in their initial stages of  of life.  What common ground can there be with people who believe that puncturing the skull of a full term 9 month old, and then sucking the brain out of the skull so the head can collapse in order to remove it from the womb and then the mother, is a “privacy right” to the mother?  Or what common ground can there be with people who believe that killing the smallest humans is okay because science may be able to learn to save others from their deaths?  There is no common ground between the pro-life and pro-death groups.  I think in order to move forward, we need to be honest and at least admit that there is no common ground.

 By making this statement of false “hope”, President Obama missed the mark and continues to sound like just another “pol”, rather than a statesmen he believes he is destined to be.

Notre Dame, Obama, and Abortion?  Let’s hope Notre Dame and other Catholic institutions have learned a lesson that they will never repeat again, so those three words will never be in the same sentence in the future again.

4 responses to “Notre Dame, Obama, and Abortion

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  2. Creeping immorality,
    Think about a typical cowboy B movie in the 1950s, The Lone Ranger, Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, the good guy against the bad guy. There was some violence, but not graphic, only to stop the bad guy. There was no sex, no bad language, and no graphic violence, and yet they were entertaining. That is the world I grow up in. The plots of the movies were simplistic, but left a positive message for the young person to follow.
    As time went on movies and TV would allow more and more, foul language, sex and drugs. These things would mirror themselves in our society.
    Today a young person can go on the internet and see and hear anything, play violent video games, often without parental supervision. When they watch a movie or TV they can see all the sex and violence that can be imagined and often things that they wouldn’t think of without the help of Hollywood. The good guys are gangsters, great role models. The music is gangster music. Sex and violence are everywhere, there is no one to explain the pain and suffering that come with that kind of a lifestyle, until the pain and suffering happens to them. To win is the only goal, to be number one, to have the most toys. If you start to feel bad about all of this, take some pills until the feeling goes away. Think about some of the things that are happening these days. Some of the gangsters have MBA and work for a bank, financial institution or go into politics. People are objects to be used and thrown away, the old, the disabled, the poor, and yes babies too.
    Ours would not be the first society to vanish because of moral decline.

  3. The next item on the agenda is to educate our families, neighbors and yes our fellow parishoners on the current rhetoric that often sways the thinking of the un-educated and poorly catachised Catholic minds. Shine the light on the facts. The TRUTH…and the venu for this perhaps is FB, Twitter and other social network media. Or even engaging in day to day conversation.
    I was in Safeway around Christmas time and looked over at the Starbucks kiosk where they were selling coffee and several “gift Items”. A woman was admiring the gifts and commenting on what great items they were. I saw a chance to “educate”…So I said, “yes they are but I wont buy them because Starbucks is one of the businesses that donates…indirectly to planned parenthood thus supporting abortion”. The woman put back the item she was admiring and asked me to explain my position further. When I told her (in more detail than I am presenting here) that early termination of pregnancy markedly increases the risk of breast cancer… and that the “Run for life…pink ribbon folks…along w/ Starbucks donate a portion of their proceeds to Planned Parenthood,who ingage in massive numbers of abortions, she was astounded. The woman thanked me for the information and said she was going to look into her donating efforts more closely. She also said she would support our local coffee vendors!!!
    However, “looking into” the links for large corporations and large reserch entities (ie Cancer Society) is tricky. If a person calls Starbucks or Planned Parenthood or the cancer society…and asks if they support abortion they will deny this information. The TRUTH is well hidden from their own employees as they are not given full disclosure of the distribution of funds…for obvious reasons. One would have to look at public records (financials) to purge the truth. It takes a great deal of effort for some folks to take this action…that is why we need to bring the information to the public… in some cases, on a grassroots level. I believe we need to begin by educating ourselves with the facts, both moral and scientific. Only then can we be prepared to Teach, Preach & Bless the mission to end abortion in the world.

  4. EDITORIAL OOPs…..Planned Parenthood will not deny that thay engage in abortion. However, they may deny the source of financial support including Starbucks and the “Breast Awareness” segment of the Cancer Society.

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