First Post

Okay, here we go.  



6 responses to “First Post

  1. Raimon Llanos

    I finally got in. thanks Stephen, it was actually a breeze. let’s all get sign-in and benefit fom this wonderful and free opportunity to shre our thoughts and grow in faith.

  2. OK – I’m in.

  3. “We’ve only just begun” to live as Lay Dominicans.
    The Life Profession was very powerful; the effects are gradually starting to sink in. To live acording to the “Rule” of St.Dominic
    until. Death. Try to make my life a prayer, offer it to God.
    To Jesus through MARY with the intercession of St. Dominic. to God the FATHER of us all.

  4. Appreciate your efforts in moving us forward using current technology. However, I beg your patients w/ my very slow learning curve….am I doing this right??

    • It looks like you posted a comment, which is good, but to do more and post your own articles (posts), you need a username and password from WordPress. Once you have one email me and I will send you an invite to be a contributor. When you get that email, just click on it and you will be all set to post on the blog.

  5. Hi:

    Ok here goes. Intersting caption and story. Fr. Bart tells a good story.

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